Glasgow’s Prestwick Airport reaping many benefits from Scarecrow bird control methods

When any long-term contract or warranty is coming to an end, there will inevitably be questions about the service the customer has received, and whether it is worthy of renewal. Most of us will have thought long and hard about mobile phone contracts, for example, or perhaps car insurance, but what happens when the agreement […]

Reliable, effective products, developed right here in Britain

The UK’s manufacturing base is an extremely effective, and highly lucrative, entity. According to the Office of National Statistics, sales of UK manufacturers’ products in 2020 totalled a staggering £358.7 billion. Given the inevitably negative effects of Covid-19 on the economy (sales in 2019, pre-pandemic, were more than £400 billion), the numbers are more than […]


Are we seeing an increase in the world’s bird population?

It’s easy to see why estimating the size of the world’s bird population is never going to be an easy task, but recent figures from various sources would suggest that the number of birds around the globe has risen over the past fifty years or so. In 2021, the influential National Geographic estimated the total […]

How the world’s busiest airports attempt to avoid bird strikes

Airports of all shapes and sizes and in all parts of the world face a very real threat from bird and animal strikes. The safety of passengers and crew members is at risk whenever a plane lands or takes off, and of course the busier the airport the more frequent those threats can be. The […]

An important anniversary of an ultimately heroic day

Today marks the 13th anniversary of one of the aviation industry’s infamous incidents, a potentially catastrophic event that ultimately led to a highly celebrated act of heroism. Flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia on this day in 2009 bound for Charlotte in North Carolina and what followed was as dramatic event. Shortly after take-off, a […]

Season’s Greetings

Scarecrow Group would like to wish all of our friends, colleagues and clients “Seasons Greetings” and a Prosperous New Year 2022.

Success at Liege Airport

Success at Liege Airport Recently, we won the contract through Van Conversion based in Belgium to equip 4 new vehicles with the Scarecrow Premier 2020 for Liege Airport. Following the successful installation of the systems being fitted, Franck Blaise Commercial Director of Van Conversions said…. “We have equipped 4 vehicles with the Scarecrow equipment and […]