Pleasure craft boats on the water in a marina.

Keeping boats free from the curse of bird faeces

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On a warm summer’s day, there are few sights more picturesque than a packed marina. Boats shimmer in the sunshine, bobbing gently away on a calm, blue sea. No wonder these places are so popular. It’s worth taking a more detailed look, however, because in many cases the close-ups don’t match the overall view. Significant numbers of boats in our marinas, sad to say, have regularly fallen victim to the general bird population. 

Whenever they gather in sizable numbers, birds will inevitably produce a large amount of droppings, and if these aren’t cleaned up immediately they can cause a great deal of damage to boats. Any owner who has spent a small fortune on their pride and joy can understand the heartache this can cause. Bird droppings can attack windows and their gaskets, the surfaces of the decking, sails, outboard motors and so much more. Even those owners who invest in elaborate boat covers can find the covers themselves suffering from long-lasting deterioration. 

All is not lost, however. More and more public and private marinas are using state of the art bird dispersal equipment from Scarecrow, and as a result they are able to reduce their bird activities to a minimum. Our products utilise bio-acoustic technology to encourage the safe and reliable removal of all species of birds. It’s reassuring to know that boat owners no longer need to feel that their craft is at risk from the damage caused by bird faeces. 

Damaging to boats AND dangerous to humans 

Bird droppings have a very high acidic content, and the acid is not only damaging but potentially dangerous to humans. Bird guano contains a number of harmful substances, and can lead to several serious conditions. These include histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease and candidiasis, a fungal infection, as well as the likes of E. coli and salmonella.  

The highly popular B.I.R.D. Tab can be used to broadcast natural bird distress calls, which will then create an unwelcome environment for the local avian population. Thanks to this, the birds that may have been damaging expensive boats will have moved on to other locations. As well as marinas, Scarecrow provides bird removal equipment for managers of major ports, popular piers and busy harbours. The marine sector can be an extremely hectic one, and keeping everything running smoothly is a must. 

To find out more about Scarecrow helping to make your marina or offshore platform safer and more user-friendly, all you have to do is contact the team today on 01825 766 363. We look forward to speaking with you.