A New Logo for New Era

Following the acquisition by Robin of the Scarecrow Group in June 2021, we are pleased to now be able to showcase our new Scarecrow logo. This recent development has made me reflect on the previous logos we have had spanning the past 37 years of trading. Each logo represents a new chapter in the history […]


      As the aviation industry prepares for the Covid-19 aftermath, technology companies Robin and Scarecrow have joined forces to forge a brand-new offering to bird control at airports. The two companies believe that more innovative tools are needed, now more than ever, to combat the rising challenges of bird control and wildlife management […]

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab user survey success

Scarecrow are delighted with the results of a recent survey of Airport clients that use the Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab system. On a scale of 1 (not at all satisfied) to 5 (very satisfied), the following average scores were achieved: General Scarecrow Service: average score 4.6 Technical Support: average score 4.6 Training/Refresher Training: average score 4.5 […]

Mongolian Airports Success with Scarecrow Equipment

Scarecrow have recently received the below feedback from Mr Odkhuu Biraazana, Wildlife and Environmental officer for Airports Authority of Mongolia after supplying them with equipment for two of their airports. “Bird dispersal systems are essential to reduce the bird/wildlife strike hazard in vicinity of the airport. The equipment Scarecrow Premier 2020 and Patrol Two have […]

Season’s Greetings

At the end of what has been a difficult 2020, the Scarecrow staff send season’s greetings to all those we have had dealings with. Wishing you all a very merry, safe, healthy and prosperous New Year

Scarecrow supply Cairo Airport, Egypt

In quarter 1 of 2020 Scarecrow supplied Cairo International Airport, Egypt with our vehicle mounted bird control system through our local agent Senoussi Freezone & IGS Company. The plan was for Scarecrow Director, Lee Pannett, to visit CAC and provide training on the use of the system and distress calls shortly after supply but unfortunately […]

Product E-Training

Despite the current change in the world as we know it due to Covid-19, Scarecrow looks to ensure that the high quality training programmes associated with our products is continued through remote e-training sessions. Below is a testimonial from a recent attendee on our Off Aerodrome Reporting Course, run by Lee Pannett, Director. “One of […]

“It’s your Airport, not the birds”

The thoughts and prayers of all at Scarecrow go out to everybody impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. These are globally unprecedented times in modern history – borders closed, cities and countries on lockdown, and travel, both national and international, severely restricted. The aviation industry has, along with other sectors, been hit hard. Airport and […]

Bird Alarm Clock

Around nesting season each year I become a walking zombie within the office, and this is all because of the wonderful creatures ….. birds! Where I live I am surrounded by a large open space, an allotment with a few surrounding trees, and other houses. What a great place to live right? My room is […]

Scarecrow Hold Airside Prices

Scarecrow review Product Prices every year and are happy to announce we have been able to hold our Airside prices to 31st March 2021, with all prices remaining the same since 1st April 2019. For more information on systems and prices, please get in touch!

Nesting Season and Scarecrow

What is nesting season? and why is it important to consider the impact that nesting may have both on properties and people alike? Lee Pannett, Director of Scarecrow Group Limited, said ” The on-set and early period of the nesting season always sees a spike in business for Scarecrow – this is driven by the […]

Scarecrow Directors Visit Sweden

Scarecrow’s Directors, Lee Pannett and David Randell, recently took a visit to Sweden to meet with one of their active Resellers; Scarecrow and Milluck have shared an excellent business relationship for over 15 years. They enjoyed a meeting over a nice lunch to discuss their business relationship, and the recent news that Milluck AB has […]

Drinks with Birds

Among the many mysteries at the back of the bar is the abundance of alcoholic drinks named after birds, particularly spirits. Liquor brands in the 19th century were typically named after a person, a place, or an animal; perhaps birds became popular because of the feeling of soaring high and being free spirited, which reminds […]

Project Daytona – Phase Two

Following on from the launch visit in the summer of 2018 ( Scarecrow director, David Randell, together with Alex Moffatt from Aviaire, visited Daytona beach International Airport. The last 12 months or so has largely been about building good quality data, and the wildfire staff at Daytona have fully embraced the use of the Scarecrow […]

2019 in Review

Scarecrow marked the end of a very successful year with our annual Christmas party at East Sussex National; we had a great night celebrating the end of 2019, and all the hard work undertaken with our colleagues and business partners. 2019 saw some great things for Scarecrow, such as the release of our V2 180/B.I.R.D […]

12 Days of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas Scarecrow gave to me a Partridge in a pear Tree – Did you know there are many different types of Partridge? 43 in total actually! They are medium sized birds and are native to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They have a diet consisting of seeds, grapes […]

Scarecrow Provides Site Designs

If you have a problem with birds, and are unsure on which system would be more beneficial for you, here at Scarecrow we can help with that. What we usually do for our customers, is undertake a site analysis to be able to look at the site and surrounding area and give our recommendations on […]

Scarecrow Visit Ben Gurion Airport

Scarecrow’s Director David recently took a visit to Israel to Ben Gurion Airport to undertake a presentation on our Scarecrow BIRD TAB. Ben Gurion Airport are users of our well established Premier 2020 system with having 3 on site. Shlomi Manhardt, The Wildlife Control Manager, said they are happy with how the calls are currently […]

Scarecrow ‘s Call Exchanges

Got a bird problem but your problem specie is not one of our standard calls? Don’t worry, Scarecrow can still help! We offer call exchanges on all of our products; this process involves removing the call(s) of your choice and adding the call(s) that suit your needs more. With our extensive Call Library, and well […]

Birkenhead Market Visit.

Since 1835 Birkenhead has been a proud market town, and despite concerns in recent years, the Birkenhead Market is not closing as originally feared; indeed the local authority want to ensure that locals know the market is alive and kicking. Outside the rejuvenation of the market, one issue has been the presence of pigeons, and […]