Project Daytona – Phase Two

Following on from the launch visit in the summer of 2018 ( Scarecrow director, David Randell, together with Alex Moffatt from Aviaire, visited Daytona beach International Airport. The last 12 months or so has largely been about building good quality data, and the wildfire staff at Daytona have fully embraced the use of the Scarecrow […]

2019 in Review.

Scarecrow marked the end of a very successful year with our annual Christmas party at East Sussex National; we had a great night celebrating the end of 2019, and all the hard work undertaken with our colleagues and business partners. 2019 saw some great things for Scarecrow, such as the release of our V2 180/B.I.R.D […]

12 Days of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas Scarecrow gave to me a Partridge in a pear Tree – Did you know there are many different types of Partridge? 43 in total actually! They are medium sized birds and are native to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They have a diet consisting of seeds, grapes […]

Scarecrow Provides Site Designs

If you have a problem with birds, and are unsure on which system would be more beneficial for you, here at Scarecrow we can help with that. What we usually do for our customers, is undertake a site analysis to be able to look at the site and surrounding area and give our recommendations on […]

Scarecrow Visit Ben Gurion Airport

Scarecrow’s Director David recently took a visit to Israel to Ben Gurion Airport to undertake a presentation on our Scarecrow BIRD TAB. Ben Gurion Airport are users of our well established Premier 2020 system with having 3 on site. Shlomi Manhardt, The Wildlife Control Manager, said they are happy with how the calls are currently […]

Scarecrow ‘s Call Exchanges

Got a bird problem but your problem specie is not one of our standard calls? Don’t worry, Scarecrow can still help! We offer call exchanges on all of our products; this process involves removing the call(s) of your choice and adding the call(s) that suit your needs more. With our extensive Call Library, and well […]

Birkenhead Market Visit.

Since 1835 Birkenhead has been a proud market town, and despite concerns in recent years, the Birkenhead Market is not closing as originally feared; indeed the local authority want to ensure that locals know the market is alive and kicking. Outside the rejuvenation of the market, one issue has been the presence of pigeons, and […]

Birds of Halloween!

When we think of Halloween we think of monsters, witches, pumpkins, bats and more, but do we think of birds? Birds provide some of Halloween’s major symbolic overtones, and the most commonly shown are Crows and Ravens. Indeed many ancient cultures viewed these birds as dark and demonic. How could a “harmless animal” be considered, […]

Terry the Talking Raven!

Tilgate Park in Crawley is a favourite place for our Operations Manager Katie and her family to visit, and the main reason her children love to go is to see Terry the talking Raven. They managed to capture this clever bird talking twice; unfortunately one of the videos is slightly rude so we won’t be […]

Scarecrow take part in breast cancer awareness month.

On the 18th October Scarecrow employees wear pink in aid of breast cancer awareness month. Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink day is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK. Taking place during breast cancer awareness month in October, thousands of people will wear it pink in their communities, schools or work places […]

Scarecrow Products feature in “The Times”

The recent patented enhancements to some of the Scarecrow product range (B.I.R.D system, ATEX B.I.R.D system, 180 & 360 system) has caught the eye of “The Times”, which ran a piece on how the use of technology was tackling the age old problems that birds can cause. The combination of features, including the distress […]

Scarecrow Attend Rose Media Anniversary.

With Scarecrow being one of Rose Media Groups previous clients, we were delighted to be invited to celebrate their 15th birthday! The evening was filled with fuchsia, fizz, food and fun! Also with special guest surprises, stars Jack ‘the Lad’ and Gladiator stars Jet and Hunter showed up to make the evening even more fantastic. […]

Scarecrow Deliver Training at St Athan

In April 2019, the former MOD St Athan airfield became a civilian airport after it was taken over by the Welsh Government and Cardiff Airport. Part of the significant takeover process included the wildlife control proposition and steps were taken to bring St Athan in line with the protocols operated at Cardiff Airport, hence the […]

Scarecrow visit Hinkley Point B

At the request of EDF, Scarecrow this week visited Hinkley point B   ( with a view to tackle the problems being experienced mainly from Herring Gulls. The site has experienced a Gull problem for over 30 years, mainly as it is coastal, and has very large buildings representing a “modern day” cliff face (with the […]

Birds and Football – Where’s the link?

Football is the most popular sport in the world; team names are spoken week in, week out, over social media, radio broadcasts, in pubs and on the pitch. Football club names provide something formal to be listed on the books, but its the nick names that surge affection from the fans. Football is something that, […]

V2 PCB now launched in Scarecrow 180™ and B.I.R.D System™ Ranges

Scarecrow is pleased to announce 2 new features for the Scarecrow 180™ and Scarecrow B.I.R.D System™ products.   INDEPENDENT VOLUME SETTINGS PER SPEAKER CHANNEL. This new function is of benefit where system design and speaker placement may need to take into consideration surrounding areas such as residential properties. This feature will save money on some […]

Scarecrow deliver training at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport is an airport in the midst of large expansion plans with construction of the new Midfield terminal building nearing completion; this new terminal is quite an architectural feat as well as including one of the worlds largest indoor arches spanning 180m across it has been designed to handle 30 million passengers […]

Scarecrow Products Granted Patent Protection

Scarecrow is delighted to confirm that the Scarecrow 180 and Scarecrow 360 system, along with the Scarecrow B.I.R.D system, have now been granted patent protection to the new features recently introduced. Designed to further reduce the risk of potential habituation, the “variable volume” combined with the “sweeping sound” to create the impression of predator movement […]

Inter Airport South East Asia

“In recognition of its long standing working relationship with one of the largest dedicated Bird & Wildlife Management Specialists in South East Asia, Scarecrow has been delighted to support Mastermark Pte Limited of Singapore,, at this Exhibition ( ).  Mastermark are promoting, along with their own consultancy service, use of the Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab […]

Scarecrow Training: get more from your airport bird control system

Scarecrow’s refresher training sessions teach B.I.R.D Tab system users how to gain maximum benefit from the technology and use it to improve their bird strike avoidance programmes at airports. The B.I.R.D Tab system combines bio-acoustic dispersal technology using a library of curated bird distress calls with sophisticated reporting software, allowing bird control teams at airports […]