Marine & Leisure Bird Control


Scarecrow bird dispersal systems continue to be a leading bird control solution for marine, leisure parks and Golf clubs.

Scarecrow’s bird control products use state of the art bio-acoustic technology for bird dispersal. The safe and reliable removal of birds from public places is essential to the health and safety of the public, staff and wildlife alike.

• Reduce nuisance caused by birds

• Safe and humane dispersal of birds for marine and leisure industries

• The chosen bird control system for the marine & leisure industry.


Scarecrow Technology for Marine and Leisure Applications

Many major ports, marinas and harbours rely on Scarecrow’s bio-acoustics technology as an essential component of wildlife management. Scarecrow systems provide customised and reliable bird dispersal and control for site managers within the marine and leisure industries.

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. System™


Digitised natural species distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds

scarecrow patrol

Screenshot (13)

Portable, hand held megaphone to control a range of bird species 

Scarecrow 180/360™

Standalone, fully automatic system for either 180° or 360° coverage and dispersal


Scarecrow Patrol Two – Reykjavik Duck pond

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