Scarecrow B.I.R.D. System™

A bio-acoustic bird dispersal system that broadcasts digitally cleansed, natural bird distress calls.

The Scarecrow B.I.R.D. System™ uses natural species distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds. The system is intended for use where birds present a hazard to health and safety, or are a plain nuisance.

The system can accommodate up to a maximum of 30 speakers, which provides the option of covering areas up to 150,000sq m (dependent on individual site layout/features) and a highly economic alternative to more traditional methods of bird control, for example, netting.

• The system is humane, inoffensive, and does not endanger the bird’s life in any way

• The calls are not intrusive and often remain unnoticed in places where the public is present

• A fully automatic random play system with no need for human intervention

• Comes fitted with a light sensor for use when mounting the system outdoors, providing a dull "dawn to dusk" operation in line with bird activity

• Additional features include Scarecrow's recently patented application of how the sound is broadcast from the combination of speakers employed. The three independent speaker channels each of which can house up to a maximum of 10 speakers, each have their own volume setting, as well as an automated option of variable volume, seeing the sound getting louder and quieter during a broadcast.

The combination of features, including the distress call sound sweeping from one speaker channel to another, and the automatic variable volume during broadcast, increases confusion and worry in the target bird(s) - their perception is such that they believe one of their own kind has been caught by a predator (hence emitting the distress call) and that either the predator is on the move, or maybe there are multiple predators - in any event there is added concern, and dispersal invariable follows for their own self-preservation.



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