Commercial Bird Control

Scarecrow bird dispersal systems continue to be a leading solution for commercial building bird control as they have been for the past 40 years.

Scarecrow’s commercial building bird control products use state of the art bio-acoustic technology for bird dispersal. The safe and reliable removal of birds from commercial buildings is essential to the health and safety of public, staff and wildlife alike.

  • Reduce nuisance caused by birds using bio-acoustic technology

  • Safe and humane dispersal of birds for building and commercial sites

  • The chosen bird control system for commercial applications.


Scarecrow Technology for Commercial Buildings

The leading bird control system for major commercial buildings and industry; from bird dispersal at refuse centres to bio-acoustic solutions for construction sites, Scarecrow offers a range of products to suit your needs. Scarecrow systems are developed with commercial clients to create bespoke bird dispersal suitable for a range of applications.

Scarecrow 180/360™

 Fully automatic system for either 180° or 360° coverage and dispersal


scarecrow patrol

Screenshot (13)

  Portable, hand held megaphone to control a range of birds species in urban environments

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. system™

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. system

 Digitised natural distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds

Bio-Acoustic Bird Scarer At Waste Landfill Area

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