Agricultural Bird Scarers


Farmers across the world can face significant financial loss due to bird damage. Scarecrow’s leading bird scaring technology is an easy and reliable way to control major avian crop pests like pigeons and crows.

Scarecrow bird scarers decrease crop damage by dispersing birds in a safe and humane way. The nature-inspired technology uses bio-acoustics to protect farmland and agricultural areas.

  • Reduce financial loss due to crop damage caused by birds

  • Reliable, humane and safe agricultural bird dispersal

  • The chosen bird control system for the farming industry


Scarecrow Technology For Farmland and Agriculture

Farming leaders rely on Scarecrow’s bio-acoustics technology as an essential component of reducing financial loss due to crop damage caused by birds. Scarecrow systems are developed with agricultural clients to create customised and reliable bird dispersal.

Scarecrow technology is designed to complement existing bird management systems or as a complete solution for agricultural bird control.


Scarecrow 180/360™

Stand-alone, fully automatic system for either 180° or 360° coverage and dispersal

Scarecrow Patrol

Screenshot (10)

Portable, hand held megaphone to control a range of bird species in farmland and agricultural areas

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