About Scarecrow

Since 1984, Scarecrow has been providing the most sophisticated bird dispersal systems throughout the world. Our nature-inspired systems supply the most advanced and reliable solutions for bird control problems of all types, in any sector. Scarecrow’s bird management products use the bio-acoustic technology, which is the evolutionary communication method used by birds to warn of immediate danger, for the safe and humane management of birds.

But it doesn’t end there. With Robin Radar Systems, customers can ensure a thorough grasp on bird activity on and around their airport at all times. It enables the analysis of long-term effects of dispersal, and provides the chance to optimise policies to be as effective as possible with hard data.

•   The leading solution for airport bird control for bird strike avoidance

•   Agricultural and farming bird management solutions to reduce crop damage caused by birds

•   Bird control for risk management on oil and gas platforms

•   Reliable bird dispersal for marinas and recreational facilities

•   Humane bird control for any type of building

Our Technology

Bio-acoustics science is the combination of biology and acoustics. Scarecrow develops and uses digital technology, including equipment and software, to record, analyse and broadcast the natural sounds of birds for their safe and humane dispersal around the world.


Business Structure

•   Scarecrow Aviation is the specialist division supporting the specific requirements of airport and aviation related applications

•   Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems applies the bird dispersal technology to a wider range of applications including commercial, agriculture, leisure, marine, oil and gas


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