Scarecrow Invests in New Equipment as Production Speeds Up

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With some big orders to fill, it’s busy times in the Scarecrow Group warehouse right now. Fortunately, we have recently invested in some new equipment that will help us streamline our production processes and keep up with growing demand for our bio-acoustic technology.

Specifically, we have just taken delivery of the OmniStrip 9400, a complete automatic wire cutting and stripping machine. It can handle various types and thicknesses of wire including, automatically cutting to length and stripping the insulation as required. It can handle multi-core cables, flat ribbon cables, or even wire with extremely thin and delicate insulation. For the electrical geeks among you, it provides such advanced features as window or multi-step stripping and axial slitting.

What this means, in practical terms for Scarecrow Group, is that this machine will take over what used to be a fiddly, manual process. Making products like ours uses a lot of wire. Measuring, cutting and stripping it all by hand is a time-consuming process with room for human error. From now on, aside from pressing a couple of buttons, this will be done quickly, automatically, and with perfect results every time.

With all that tedious, time-consuming business taken care of, warehouse operative Luke now has more time too focus on things that require a more human touch, like delicate soldering. With the help of the new unit, shelves of parts will be turned into finished products faster than ever, ready to ship to clients and start keeping birds at bay.