Scarecrow MD Visits Ostend-Bruges

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Our Managing Director Lee Pannett recently spent some time at Ostend-Bruges International Airport, welcoming them aboard as clients and training them in the use of their newly acquired B.I.R.D Tab and O.A.R software.

Ostend-Bruges welcomed the better part of 400,000 passengers last year, a 4.6% increase on 2022, and currently serves 14 destinations with plans to grow that number. As passenger numbers increase, so does the importance of keeping those passengers safe from wildlife incidents. As well as adopting our bio-acoustic bird control and market-leading reporting solutions, the airport is expanding its bird control team, which now consists of a team leader and four team members.

The airport is gearing up for its grand reopening this week, having been closed since January for refurbishment to its runways and taxiways. Now fully equipped and trained with Scarecrow software and equipment, this thriving transport hub will be better equipped than ever to monitor and mitigate the risks of bird activity when they welcome back passengers.