Airport Bird Control


Scarecrow bird dispersal systems are a leading solution for airport bird control, and have been for the past 32 years.

Our products use state of the art bio-acoustic technology for safe, reliable bird dispersal and bird strike avoidance. The effective removal of birds from airports is essential to the health and safety of passengers, staff and wildlife alike.

With our parent company, Robin Radar Systems, customers can also detect bird activity and reduce the risk of bird-hazard related safety incidents by adding specialized bird radar to their toolbox.  Robin’s systems automatically detect and log hundreds of birds simultaneously, including size, speed, direction and flight path.

Experts in the tracking and classification of small objects in airspace, Robin combines purpose-built radars with unique software algorithms. That results in detailed 24/7 detection; meaning no gaps in knowledge due to darkness and low-visibility weather.

  • Reduce the risk of bird strikes using bio-acoustic technology

  • Safe and humane dispersal of birds for airports and aviation sites

  • The leading bird control system for major international airports

  • Continuous detection and unprecedented situational awareness with radar

  • Increase safety and reduce bird strike incidents and claims


Scarecrow Technology for the Aviation Industry

In addition to dispersing birds, the Scarecrow software solutions provide airport management with the tools required to be able to analyse the wildlife activity and then make proactive informed decisions about what action to take to mitigate the risks of future Bird Strike.

Software development has followed the recommended best practices for aerodrome operators as laid out by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and is often undertaken on the back of feedback from long established airport customers.

Many major international airports across the globe rely on Scarecrow’s bio-acoustics technology as an essential component of wildlife management. Scarecrow systems are developed with airport clients to provide customised and reliable bird dispersal and control. Scarecrow technology is designed to complement existing airside bird management systems.

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™

Tablet computer, GPS, loudspeakers and touchscreen interface for vehicle mounted bird dispersal and data logging/analysis/reporting

MAX® Avian Radar

Fully 3D, MAX® has the fastest rotation speed in the market, giving track updates every second. Get a complete overview of bird activity on and around your airport to take control of your bird hazard issue

Reporting software

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Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™ Reporting System is a standalone tablet with preinstalled data logging and analysis software

O.A.R. Software


 An effective software system for monitoring wildlife activity at "Off Aerodrome" sites

Premier 2020

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Vehicle installed bio-acoustic bird dispersal system

Scarecrow Patrol

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 Portable, hand held megaphone to control a range of bird species in urban environments and airfields

Scarecrow BIRD TAB at Luton Airport

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