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Premier 2020

Vehicle installed bio-acoustic bird dispersal system

The Premier 2020 is the replacement for the well-established and long standing Digi-Scare and Premier 1500 systems. Scarecrow have now sold approaching 1000 of these various vehicle mounted systems to airports across the world.

The broadcast of distress calls, as part of an integrated bird management scheme, has proved effective for bird dispersal from airfields and surrounding areas, and has been the backbone of Airfield Wildlife Management for the past 40 years.

It is an essential part of flight safety and must be carried out efficiently to minimise bird-strike risk to aircraft, their passengers and crew.

The Premier 2020, unlike its predecessors, has been designed and built in a modular format to enable an easy “upgrade” to the fully integrated Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab System™ which, in addition to the bird distress calls used for dispersal, incorporates a touch screen data logging process in line with ICAO recommended best practices, and a separate reporting and analysis software. The upgrade is a simple process, and enables the continued use of the Premier 2020 for bird dispersal, so that the investment in the Premier 2020 equipment can continue to be used.

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