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O.A.R. (Off Aerodrome Reporting)

An effective software system for monitoring "Off Aerodrome" sites

The Scarecrow O.A.R. software makes recording what is observed off aerodrome quick and simple, and the subsequent detailed reporting and analysis that is available as a consequence of quality data, means airports should be well placed to better manage their risk in a much more efficient manner, and also well placed to display the highest standards of management against the continuing battle against Bird Strike risk.

Designed in conjunction with feedback from four UK international airports, Scarecrow's O.A.R. is a software system that is a highly effective data logging and analysis system, specifically designed for those sites that have been identified by an airport as potentially carrying a risk to flight safety by virtue of their proximity to the airport or flight path, combined with the bird life present at those sites.

Scarecrow's O.A.R. software system is easy to use. The tablet displays pre-configured information for quick and easy recording, whilst retaining the flexibility to cope with anything new observed. The availability of on-screen charts provides historic statistics per species and instant trend analysis for "on the spot" decision-making.

     • Handheld Tablet PC with pre-installed data logging software

     • Built-in GPS receiver

     • Creates a complete record of activity and wildlife observations

     • Produces a wide range of bespoke reports


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