O.A.R: Frequently Asked Questions


What is O.A.R?

O.A.R. (Off Aerodrome Reporting) is a powerful tool consisting of a tablet device and software package for monitoring and reporting on bird presence and behavior in the areas surrounding airports in order to prevent the risk of potential bird strike.


Why is O.A.R needed?

Most airports are extremely active in monitoring and preventing bird activity within their airside environments, in order to minimise the risk of bird strike. However, it is also prudent to ensure the highest standards are applied when monitoring and recording bird behaviour in the area surrounding the airfield (sometimes called the 13km zone in Europe, but which can actually stretch in some regions to up to 20k). By observing and recording activity in these areas, it is possible to capture vital information on bird habits and the impact of sites such as waste disposal facilities on bird activity.


How will the O.A.R tool benefit my team?

The tool is very easy to use, saving you time due to the touch screen logging feature and the ability to drill down into totally filterable data. O.A.R offers your team a simplistic method of monitoring potential risk in those identified areas within a prescribed proximity to your airport, adding to the overall effort to implement bird control measures and minimise the risk of bird strike occurrence.

Unlike many other bird control solutions, O.A.R only requires a one-off, up-front investment, with no recurring monthly costs.


How do I know the tool will give me the information I need?

In developing the product, we worked closely with Airside Operations personnel from four major international airports in the UK. All these individuals have many years’ experience of working in wildlife management at airports, and they were all involved in the product design from its conception, ensuring it met the core needs that were highlighted during the design process.


Currently we use an outsourced consultant for undertaking surveys, so why should we change to using this product?

The product is primarily designed for use by an airport, when monitoring the zone around the airport – allowing you to take the survey process back in house, or providing your chosen consultant the use of the software on your behalf. Either way, the tool is a simple and effective means of monitoring and reporting bird behavior and activity from the off aerodrome zone.


Will O.A.R assist us in meeting audit requirements?

The O.A.R software includes a number of features designed to improve due diligence. Representatives from CAA UK, as well as qualified aviation consultants, were involved in the design process to ensure its use would help airports to meet and comply with various standards.


Will I need to make ongoing and monthly payments?

There is no monthly fee to pay. Upon purchase, you receive the tablet and the software license, which comes with a standard three years (36 month) warranty cover. There are three options to extend this warranty period to six years (72 month):

  • The extended warranty can be purchased for a one-off cost at the time of purchase
  • The remaining warranty can be purchased for a lump sum when the initial 36 months expires
  • The remaining warranty can be purchased over three annual payments

Costs for support and repairs needed outside of the purchased warranty period will be applicable, and fees are reviewed annually in line with the costs and demands of our software partners.


How reliable is the software, and how robust is the tablet?

The O.A.R software and hardware have the option of up to a full six year warranty and support programme, detailed above. The tablet is a semi-rugged device that we use for our other bird control systems, including B.I.R.D Tab without any issues with longevity or durability.


Do you offer a support helpline or service?

Of course. Support is available from 07:00 - 22:00, 7 days a week (UK time).


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