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Scarecrow Patrol

Scarecrow Patrol represents an evolutionary development in bio-acoustic bird dispersal and control, designed for use anywhere that requires effective bird control in locations where a hand held manual operation would not create any issues - small airfields, beaches, at sea, landfill sites, bridge structures, public buildings, docks and harbours, fruit farms and agriculture, food processing and storage facilities, outdoor restaurants and more.

Each call is selected by a simple rotary switch; the benefits of digital storage are uniquely strengthened by the fact that each distress call is reproduced with excellent fidelity from its natural start. Scarecrow Patrol is fully portable, hand held, and contains nine digitally stored distress calls; species options can be included to special order.

The Patrol is a completely self-contained dispersal tool which can also be used as an attention-getting 'whistle' and for 'live' voice messaging, with a range of up to 350 metres.

Scarecrow also provide a specific Goose Patrol – physically identical to the Patrol, but contains four effective Canada geese calls, plus other calls.


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