How do the systems work?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Scarecrow’s bio-acoustic systems use the regular broadcast of a bird naturally occurring distress calls, to disperse the birds from the target area that are causing the problem.

Which bird calls are on the system? What bird calls do you have available?
Each system comes pre-programmed with 9 of our most commonly used bird distress calls, detailed on each product leaflet available via the product page.
Call exchanges are available at a fee, you can choose from over 64 different birds in our distress call library as well as utilising our knowledge and experience in relation to intra specie bird calls.

What countries are you able to ship to?
We can normally provide worldwide delivery via Economy or Priority Export Shipping.

Is the sound emitted audible to humans? Does the sound affect or interfere with other animals?
The system works by playing the birds natural “distress calls”. In the same way as humans can hear other bird calls, the broadcast will be audible to human ears and if at the correct volume it will sound like a regular wild bird call. The broadcasted calls are only recognisable by the target bird species, and therefore have no lasting effect on other wildlife at all.

Does the system come with a warranty?
The Scarecrow Patrol Two comes with a standard 1 year return to base warranty.

What is the effective operating distance of the systems?
The Scarecrow Patrol Two can cover up to approximately 300 metres (influenced by ambient temperature, wind direction, use of output power and reflection from surrounding obstacles).

What is a distress call?
Distress calls are the birds’ natural, evolutionary way of advising each other of imminent danger – it is a different call to an alarm call, which is a warning and informs that a predator may be in the area. The distress calls is a “call to action; to take flight” and is typically specie specific.

What are the lead times?
The Scarecrow Patrol Two is normally held in stock, to be confirmed on order placement.

Can you use re-chargeable batteries?
You can use re-chargeable batteries but it is recommended to use non-rechargeable batteries as they will have a longer battery life.

What is the battery life on a Patrol Two?
The battery can last up to 36 hours for normal intermittent use (this is about 120 days of average use).

Do you supply batteries for the Patrol two?
We do not supply batteries, but you need 6 C batteries for it to work.

How many times a day do you recommend using it?
Our broadcast sequence is designed with ornithologist’s advice – predators do not continuously hunt. If the broadcast sequence is too frequent the birds will habituate to the call, and then start to ignore it.

What volume is the best to set it to?
To reach a natural sound level, start with a low sound (volume) setting; gradually increase this volume until the targeted birds begin to respond, often simply by turning their heads towards the sound.

Is the unit waterproof?
The system is moisture proof, but we strongly recommend that it is not left in the rain or submerged in water.