Three wind turbines silhouetted on the horizon as a man flies a kite.

Keeping birds and wind turbines apart can be complex

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As a general rule, it’s not easy to trust the statistics about birds and wind turbines. Various websites will tell you that hundreds of thousands of birds are killed each year by turbines, while other sites will say that hardly any are. Until we see reliable data from an independent source, it’s perhaps best to take the numbers with a pinch – or a spoonful – of salt. 

Even if you believe the most pessimistic figures, however, you’ll surely understand that attempts to harness the free, renewable power of the wind are not going away. Sustainable energy sources are the future, now that we’re in a race to achieve net zero targets all around the world. It’s perhaps worth mentioning that however big a danger to wildlife a wind turbine might represent, doing nothing about the use of fossil fuels is likely to cause so much more in the way of harm. 

For farmers and landowners who have wind turbines on their properties, the use of bird dispersal systems can help to create a viable barrier between wildlife and machinery. This is especially true of occasions when large congregations of birds gather on open land in search of food. In the UK, many farmland birds feed close to turbines, and as such can be in danger of flying into them. These species include the yellowhammer, the corncrake, the tree sparrow and the turtle dove. 

Adapting to constant change is never easy 

It’s a sad yet inevitable fact that human activity at any significant level will often have an effect on the local wildlife, and it’s something that many species have had to become accustomed to. Their feeding grounds of today, for example, could easily become the airports, the motorways and the wind farms of tomorrow. Living side by side with an ever-growing human population isn’t easy for the animal world. 

Here at Scarecrow, we offer a wide range of bio-acoustic bird deterrents, bird scarers and dispersal equipment to airports, farms, marinas, leisure parks and oil platforms, and we know difficult it can be for managers to remain proactive while at the same time remaining sympathetic to the wildlife population. It’s reassuring for many to know that our products can help to keep interaction between birds and wind turbines to an absolute minimum. 


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