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How monitoring keeps you ahead of the game

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The secret to success can be any one of a number of things, depending on a variety of circumstances. While a hundred different experts may give you a hundred different opinions, many of them will point to the importance of staying ahead of the game. Knowing what issues and problems may be about to hover into view could just be enough to place you or your organisation a few steps in front of your competitors.  

In the airline industry, knowing what comes next can be crucial. The major passenger carriers go to great lengths to ensure they are able to anticipate coming trends, because that’s the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. According to a CNN Travel report, eight of the largest airlines managed to achieve punctuality scores of over 80% in 2022, and you can be sure that future planning played a big part in that success. If you’re the type of person who needs to be flying on time, knowing which airlines can deliver is a major benefit. 

Of course, while keeping passengers on time is important, it’s even more crucial to keep them safe. And one of the key areas for safety is the avoidance of wildlife strikes, an issue that is as relevant in Lima as it would be in London. We’ve all seen reports of near misses in recent years, and any one of these could very easily have turned into something far more serious. Thankfully, airport managers are able to understand wildlife movements far more effectively than they could have in the past. 

The products you need to keep your airport safe 

The impressive B.I.R.D. Tab from Scarecrow has been developed to help airside staff to monitor and record the presence and movement of creatures from crows to coyotes and everything in between. And while this information can be crucial at this very moment, it can be utilised as part of an ongoing data gathering process. Over the years, it becomes easier and easier to build up a picture that can then be used to make every airport safer than ever before. 

So, keeping ahead of the game can carry a number of different meanings depending on the industry in which you work. If you’re in manufacturing, for example, you’ll need to understand consumer buying trends in order to maintain effective production runs. Financial planners have to watch the markets today to be able to predict patterns tomorrow. And those who manage airports need to have as much information as possible available to them to understand wildlife habits. 

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