A red boat towing a small oil platform out at sea.

Don’t let birds become a nuisance on offshore platforms

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Oil and gas platforms are a particularly tempting location for sea birds, as they provide opportunities to rest and sometimes, if left unchecked, to roost as well. The relative lack of disturbance from predators is a major draw, as is the often plentiful supply of food options both on the platforms and in the sea.  

In previous years, there was sometimes a tendency for platform managers to do little about the avian presence, but this live and let live approach has inherent dangers. More and more members of senior management are taking steps now not only to disperse birds but also to discourage them from appearing in the first place. 

One of the major outcomes of doing very little about the bird presence is the chance that their population will increase dramatically in a short space of time. Like almost all forms of wildlife, birds like to feel protected and safe. If they are able to congregate with relative impunity, their numbers will rise, partly due to the arrival of more incoming birds and partly to the opportunity to breed without any problems. 

Don’t allow the situation to get worse 

Doing nothing, therefore, is not advisable. If you manage an offshore oil or gas platform, irrespective of its specific location, bird dispersal products really should be on your shopping list. Here at Scarecrow, we provide various deterrent and dispersal equipment options to platforms around the world, as well as to airports, marinas, farms, retail parks and more. We understand the habits and movements of birds in all types of environments, and this places us in a unique position to help platform managers to cope with influxes of all bird species. 

There are a number of disadvantages to simply allowing your bird population to grow, including the likes of: 

  • Heightened noise levels 
  • Unsightly build-up of bird faeces 
  • Increased danger to helicopter traffic 
  • Potential damage to expensive equipment 
  • Possibility of attacks on staff members 
  • An impact on the cost of cleaning 
  • Health hazards such as salmonella, etc. 
  • Deterioration of paintwork 

…and more. No wonder more and more platform managers are turning to Scarecrow’s helpful and knowledgeable team for help and support. 

If you’d like to find out more about products and services that can offer high quality bird deterrent and dispersal options, all it takes is a single phone call to 01825 766 363, or use our contact page to get in touch. We hope to hear from you soon.