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How to keep your airport safe

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Airport managers, irrespective of where they are located or the size of airport they manage, are always under pressure to make sure all the right boxes are ticked. This can potentially cover everything from ensuring staff levels are maintained to negotiating with airline companies in order to allocate runway slots. In most cases, the regular routines of these hugely important individuals will be completely different from one week to the next. 

If you were to ask a random member of the public about the plates that an airport manager has to keep spinning, the chances are they will mention the likes of recruitment, staff development, supplier liaison and perhaps dealing with the press from time to time. One of the more overlooked aspects of such a role is that of internal and external security. Although often forgotten, this is clearly a crucial responsibility that requires 100% focus. 

Keeping an airport safe covers a wide range of potential issues. The constant threat of vandalism, terrorism and other criminal activities is all too apparent, and as a result many members of an airport management team will work alongside representatives of the armed forces, police and fire services, as well as national security professionals. It’s vital for everyone involved to be as prepared as possible for all eventualities. 

Keeping the wildlife population in check 

Another crucial issue is the threat of potential bird strikes on planes that are landing or taking off. Flocks of birds in all parts of the world, as well as many land-based creatures, represent a danger to planes, which from time to time has resulted in extremely serious incidents. The 2009 Miracle on the Hudson is just such an example. A flock of birds came into contact with US Airways Flight 1549 shortly after take-off from La Guardia. Without the skill and quick thinking of pilot Chelsey Sullenberger, there would likely have been a major loss of life. 

In recent years, Scarecrow has been at the forefront of bird dispersal and bird deterrent technology, developing systems that do so much more than simply scaring flocks away from runway areas. The excellent B.I.R.D. Tab will do this and various other things, too. It enables users to monitor and report back on movements and activities, empowering relevant teams to build up an invaluable library of information about all wildlife interaction both within the airport and in the surrounding areas. 

Airport managers in all corners of the world can have access to reliable, accurate information that will be hugely influential in the battle against bird and wildlife strikes. Bird dispersal equipment can make a difference in locations from Buenos Aires to Brisbane and all points in between, and end users can get so much more from these appliances thanks to Scarecrow’s refresher training. Our airports are safer than ever before, thanks to systems from companies such as ours. 

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