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The importance of pest control in and around airports

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Every airport in the UK and beyond will have their own specific pest control strategy, and it will undoubtedly be one that has to fit in with the very unique demands of a busy facility that, in most cases, plays host to thousands and thousands of passengers every day. If you think the pest control provider will face a similar challenge to that of a domestic home, you would be many miles from the truth. The principles may be the same, but the approach will be very different. 

Of course, some things will remain similar. There will still be a need to keep rodents away from food sources in the terminal buildings, for example; your kitchen at home may be smaller, but the general principles of health and hygiene will still apply. And the first sight of a mouse, or a cockroach, or perhaps a wasp nest in the vicinity will result in a call to the designated pest controller, ready and waiting to provide a quick and reliable fix. 

But there the similarities will end. Home pest control methods can be administered at any time, but within the confines of a busy airport they will need to fit in with a number of restrictions. There will need to be little or nothing in the way of interruptions, for example, and there will need to be a great deal of discretion involved, in order to avoid alarming the general travelling public. And as you might expect, a fast response from the provider is an absolute must-have. 

A poor pest control strategy can lead to major problems for any airport facility. Customer complaints can start to increase, for instance, and this could inevitably lead to a great deal of unwanted attention from the media, as well as from governing bodies and government authorities. It should also be pointed out that airport management can even face personal prosecutions if they are found to have been negligent. 

Reducing risks with effective bird control 

And of course, those in charge of airports also face challenges on and around the runways. Without an effective bird dispersal strategy, the risks brought on by flocks of birds will inevitably increase. Here at Scarecrow, we supply a range of high-quality equipment designed to minimise the possibility of bird strikes without affecting the overall efficiency of the airport itself. 

Key to the success of our products is the ability to do more than simply remove birds from danger areas. Our B.I.R.D. Tab, for example, gives users the chance to identify, monitor and record movements and activities. In time, airport managers will have built up a powerful database that will enable them to formulate more accurate and increasingly effective responses. 

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