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Prestigious ISO accreditations give Scarecrow a major boost

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In today’s global marketplace, businesses are constantly striving to enhance their credibility, efficiency and quality. One way to achieve this is by obtaining ISO accreditation. ISO, or the International Organisation for Standardisation, sets the standard for quality management systems that are recognised worldwide. Gaining ISO accreditation is not only a testament to our company’s commitment to quality but also to our obtaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Here at Scarecrow, we’re understandably proud of achieving accreditation in three important categories, in the process cementing our position as a world leader in our field. In October 2023, we attained the following:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

ISO 9001 is accreditation for our Quality Management System. This highly sought-after accolade is an indicator to our current and future end users that we offer consistent products and services that will improve customer satisfaction. In addition, it highlights our commitment to greater efficiency and accuracy in the important industry sectors in which we operate.

ISO 14001 is awarded to us in recognition of our Environmental Management System and is of course a crucial accreditation in the current climate. This is a sign that we embrace systems and practices that are constantly aimed at reducing our impact on the environment. For us, this has been a non-negotiable for many years.

ISO 45001 is also of the utmost importance. Geared towards reducing occupational accidents, injuries and diseases and improving mental health standards within the workplace, it’s only awarded to businesses that can show an effective and systematic approach to these extremely serious subjects. It will also inform prospective jobseekers that Scarecrow offers a safer, more secure working environment.

The statistics surrounding ISO accreditation are very impressive; in the UK, for example, around 39,000 companies had been accredited by 2021. Given the fact that we have well over 2 million companies in this country, however, it’s easy to see why the Scarecrow team is so happy with this news.

As a company that operates around the world, we’re delighted with the global credibility that ISO accreditation carries. The ISO organisation currently has a membership of 169 national standards bodies, each of which operates in a different country. Since its first introduction, more than two million companies around the world have been ISO-certified. Clearly, our new awards will have far-reaching implications in where and how we can do business from now on.

And crucially, we see our ISO accreditations not only as a pat on the back for what we’ve achieved, but also as a vital framework for continually improving the systems and processes that we operate. Our customer base has been expanding globally, and we are in the ideal position to use our enhanced standing as a building block for an extremely successful future.

The three accreditations can and should be looked at in terms of three separate achievements, of course, but seen together they also represent a powerful commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. We take a great sense of pride in the way we constantly evolve, and now we have foundations, stronger than ever before, that promise a brighter and better tomorrow for Scarecrow.

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