V2 PCB now launched in Scarecrow 180™ and B.I.R.D System™ Ranges

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Scarecrow is pleased to announce 2 new features for the Scarecrow 180™ and Scarecrow B.I.R.D System™ products.



This new function is of benefit where system design and speaker placement may need to take into consideration surrounding areas such as residential properties. This feature will save money on some site by reducing the number of speakers needed, where previously the over all volume level would have originally needed to be set lower due to surrounding areas, meaning more speakers would have been required.



The products now incorporate an “Error LED” on the keypad, with a flashing sequence on the Error LED, with each sequence relating to a particular fault. This function will assist Scarecrow engineers in diagnosing some faults more quickly and efficiently, enabling support to be provided over the phone or prompting for the system to be returned to our service department for further investigation.



These modifications are the first step towards the introducing of a RF remote Control later this year, which will allow users to control either of the Scarecrow 180™ or the Scarecrow B.I.R.D System™ remotely.

Replicating the main system keypad, the Remote will give users access to all of the same functions available through the main system, making it easier for users to adjust the settings and/or bird calls without having to physically be at the processor itself – so ideal when processors are not easily accessible.


Scarecrow Group is excited to have launched the new PCB and incorporate these new features into our systems. We look forward to launching the RF Remote Control, which will be available late 2019.