Scarecrow Products Granted Patent Protection

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Scarecrow is delighted to confirm that the Scarecrow 180 and Scarecrow 360 system, along with the Scarecrow B.I.R.D system, have now been granted patent protection to the new features recently introduced.

Designed to further reduce the risk of potential habituation, the “variable volume” combined with the “sweeping sound” to create the impression of predator movement has been granted protection under patent number 2531059.

David Randell, Director of Scarecrow Group Limited, said ” The risk of habituation to a fixed speaker system is not unknown, although more prevalent when broadcasts are too frequent and not of a natural sound to the birds, i.e not their own call. Notwithstanding the fact that the Scarecrow systems are designed to broadcast in line with ornithologists advice, and are purely a bio-acoustic sound, Scarecrow looked to further develop the technology used in our systems, to further reduce the chances of habituation – I am delighted that our work has been recongnised as being innovative by the Patent Office”