Stacks of green bio-acoustic bird deterrent devices from Scarecrow.

UK Suppliers Helping to Create the Finest Scarecrow Products

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British-made products have enjoyed an excellent reputation for many years, and here at Scarecrow we’re understandably proud of the equipment and services we provide from our base in the heart of Sussex.  If an item has ‘Made in Britain’ stamped on the side, there is every chance that it will have been well designed and manufactured beautifully. The United Kingdom, the country that gave the Industrial Revolution to the world, is still at the forefront of industrial excellence.

Here at Scarecrow, we use a number of British suppliers to provide us with materials and components designed to help us provide a top-quality range of sophisticated bird control and bird dispersal systems and products for our customers right around the world.  We’re delighted to be supporting UK industry, of course, but there’s more to it than that. Those materials and components are made to the highest specifications, and that’s predominantly why we use them.


One of our main suppliers is based right here in Sussex as well. Precision Metal Products (PMP) from Southwick, close to Brighton, has been working with us since 1984, providing us with a wide range of high-quality parts that are used in a number of Scarecrows’ bio acoustic products. The company specialises in an extensive range of metal work including sheet metal and fabrication services, working on numerous one-off and long-terms projects with materials such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel, copper, mild steel and more.

Our products incorporate many items made by them, including:

  • Casings
  • Brackets
  • Cradles
  • Mounting plates
  • Speaker mounts
  • Mounting brackets
  • Cover mesh

…and more.

Thanks to a successful business relationship lasting almost 40 years and counting, Scarecrow is able to incorporate PMP components into a range its products for example 180 and 360 bird dispersal systems, making the finished products ultra-reliable and able to withstand the harshest outdoor weather conditions.

We’re already looking forward to the next forty years!