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The UK’s manufacturing base is an extremely effective, and highly lucrative, entity. According to the Office of National Statistics, sales of UK manufacturers’ products in 2020 totalled a staggering £358.7 billion. Given the inevitably negative effects of Covid-19 on the economy (sales in 2019, pre-pandemic, were more than £400 billion), the numbers are more than impressive. It’s easy to see why the phrase Made in Britain is seen around the world as an indication of importance.

British developers and manufacturers have had a reputation for excellence for many decades, and it’s easy to see why. Britain is synonymous with products that are at the cutting edge of technological advancements, from the Industrial Revolution through to the invention of the internet and beyond. If your company invests in British-made and British-inspired products, you’ll have a number of reasons to be more than satisfied.

Products made in Britain tend to have high standards of quality control, with strict adherence to tried and trusted manufacturing processes. Lead times are likely to be accurate enough for the buyer to rely on and if both the buyer and the manufacturer are based in Britain then the carbon footprints of relevant products will be minimised. Reducing those footprints will go a long way towards expanding the circular economy, a focus that’s becoming increasingly relevant in the current climate. Put in simple terms, many purchasers are prepared to buy British because of a greater feeling of trust, and of making a genuine difference.

Here at Scarecrow, we’re proud to have developed and manufactured highly effective bird dispersal products and software right in the heart of Sussex at our Head Quarters. Our expertise has been crucial in preventing bird strikes in airports and aerodromes in many parts of the world, and central to the service that we offer is a product range that has been developed with an eye on innovation and a design that’s practical and of course extremely effective.

Bird dispersal is so much more than an airport must-have

And while much of the focus on bird dispersal products is on those used in and around airports, it’s important to remember that Scarecrow is also heavily involved in manufacturing similar equipment for other facilities. Bird-scaring technology is important, for example, in both urban and agriculture sectors.   Just ask any farmer about the damage that large congregations of pigeons, crows and others can do to crops, and the effect such damage has on the farm’s financial position.

There are many more locations in which practical, effective bird dispersal methods are required, including waterfront marinas, leisure parks and golf clubs. Bio-acoustic technology is used for the safe, humane removal of birds from specific sites, thereby creating a safer and more people-friendly facility. Off-shore oil and gas platforms are another key sector for Scarecrow’s state of the art products.

Interestingly, the financial benefits of buying British may not seem apparent at first, especially when seen in comparison to some foreign-made equipment. The overall price of an item is of course important, especially if you’re buying in bulk, but if your purchases are manufactured to a lower overall standard they may not last very long at all. That initial saving you made could easily turn out to be more expensive in the long run. Manufacturing plays a key role in Britain’s economy, and we at Scarecrow are proud to be playing our part.

Whether your facility is in Belgrade, Beijing, Baltimore, Brisbane or anywhere else, you need to know the measures you take to avoid bird and animal strikes are as thorough as possible, and the best available products should underpin everything. The team at Scarecrow is on hand to help you understand more about the software and products in our range, so please get in touch today to find out more.


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