Green bio-acoustic bird deterrent devices in construction at Scarecrow warehouse.

Behind the scenes at Scarecrow’s warehouse with Melissa

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These days, a label on any given product that says Made in the UK or even Assembled in the UK is enough to give that product a certain gravitas. Items that come from Britain will have usually passed a number of stringent quality control tests, for example, and will comply with various regulations pertaining not only to quality but also to safety and, an increasingly important factor now, to sustainability. And in many cases, such a product will have the benefit of a smaller carbon footprint.

Here at Scarecrow, we have worked hand in hand with a number of UK-based suppliers in order to create our reliable, efficient and highly effective range of bird control products for a variety of industry sectors, including aviation, agricultural, marine, oil & gas and retail. We’re understandably proud of the business relationships that we’ve developed over the years with British companies.

And when we have sourced all the parts and materials we need, our products are then assembled right here in Sussex by our accomplished Warehouse Technician Melissa. Trying to describe a typical day in the life of Melissa is like trying to count the beans in a coffee jar, because every day can be completely different to the one before. Basically, whichever task is the most pressing will be the one that Melissa tackles next.

Those tasks are many and varied, but most days tend to begin with a visit to the office for an update on the day to come, accompanied of course by a well-deserved cup of tea. When the warehouse is unlocked and ready for business, she’ll check her emails and catch up on the roster sheet to see who needs what and when. This is the time for listing tasks in order of importance, an especially crucial process during busy periods.

Melissa will ensure deliveries go out on time, usually via courier, and if there’s anything incoming then that will need her attention, too. There may be repairs required and admin to be overseen, then when the afternoon comes around, she’ll usually be assembling products ready for delivery the following day. The Scarecrow 180 and 360, units, to use an example, need to have a pre-selected range of animal calls installed, each of them designed to disperse an even wider range of unwanted species. Clearly, this is one of the more vital parts of the unit.

Our customers know that Scarecrow products are manufactured and assembled to the highest standards, and Melissa’s efforts are an integral part of that process. Her ability to build products from scratch, allied to a strong attention to detail, enables Scarecrow to remain at the forefront of the world’s bird dispersal services. She also makes excellent tea, and of course we’re forever grateful for that.