Adult seagull nesting on a wall ledge with two young chicks.

My Experience of a Bird Alarm Clock by Hannah at Scarecrow

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Around nesting season each year I become a walking zombie within the office, and this is all because of the wonderful creatures ….. birds!

Where I live I am surrounded by a large open space, an allotment with a few surrounding trees, and other houses. What a great place to live right? My room is right at the top of my house in the loft, so you would think that rain, strong winds and storms wake me up …. not a chance! But birds, birds are my alarm clock in the mornings. My 7:20am alarm never seems to get the chance to wake me up, as from early on the birds take its place.

Each morning, at around 5:45am during nesting season, birds seem attracted to my roof and surroundings; they run on my roof, patter and peck on my windows, squawk and chirp until I am forced to get out of bed. Some might find this a lovely way to wake up instead of an alarm clock, but to me, this is a nuisance. For a girl who loves her sleep, this lost time makes a big difference to Hannah’s Mood for the day!

So as I sit in the office at Scarecrow, who ironically get rid of nuisance birds all around the world, tired and stressed due to no way of understanding how or why they love my house so much from February through to August, I decided enough is enough and I needed to investigate.

I live in a seaside town, therefore Gull’s are always an issue but these never bother me half as much as the little birds do. Finally after many years of putting up with this every time nesting season occurs, throwing pillows at my window hoping they’ll fly away, I have found out why these birds are so attracted to my house. It turns out they have found a small, warm, place to nest right under a tile next to my window and it is safe to say that once they have flown their nest I will be patching this up so tired Hannah is no more.