Scarecrow Provides Site Designs

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If you have a problem with birds, and are unsure on which system would be more beneficial for you, here at Scarecrow we can help with that. What we usually do for our customers, is undertake a site analysis to be able to look at the site and surrounding area and give our recommendations on what is likely to be the best system and where the system/speakers should be placed for best effectiveness.

These are some of the General Factors we consider when making a Site design.

  • We need to know what type of site there is an issue at, such as a warehouse or car park.
  • Is the problem an external or internal problem; this then determines if we are able to look at the site on Google Earth or if we require some pictures of the area – sometimes both can be beneficial for us.
  • Dimensions and notification of the target area are always good to have, if there is not a problem at the whole site
  • Problem species is extremely helpful – this is because some species react differently to others, which may then change the proposed speaker placement
  • Other site details like ambient noise nearby, or on the site itself (which could impact on the broadcast coverage) or maybe if there is any restrictions on where the system/speakers can be positioned or where cables can be run; and if the target area is a roof, is easy access available or is a Cherry Picker required?
  • How is the system to be powered – is mains power available, or is solar system needed?

We take all this and more into account when providing you with a design and proposal on our systems to ensure you get the best most effective method of dispersing, so if you’re having a bird problem and need some advice, get in touch today!