Fully automatic bio-acoustic bird dispersal system

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Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems is perhaps the largest specialist and the acknowledged leader in bio-acoustic bird control technology
Scarecrow bio-acoustic bird dispersal systems are humane and inoffensive in their function, exploiting natural bird behaviour for their success. Scarecrow use naturally occurring bird distress calls, usually causing no noise intrusion or disturbance to humans.


What is Scarecrow 180 and Scarecrow 360?

Scarecrow 180™ is a well researched bio-acoustic bird dispersal system using natural species distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds.

It is intended for use anywhere that birds present a hazard to health and safety, or are a plain nuisance.

Scarecrow 180™ is a fully automatic, standalone, random play system that is able to work without human intervention. It can be powered from 15v DC (100v/250) ac mains power, leisure battery, or solar power.

There is a built in key pad to control the settings on the system, and it has an optional security pin access feature for additional safety. It is fitted with a built-in adjustable light sensor and includes 10 standard distress calls.

Scarecrow 180™ provides 180o dispersal for use in a wide range of diverse locations, and when coupled with a Scarecrow 360™ ‘slave’ unit creates a system that provides 360o dispersal. This can be mounted on a 1m or 2m pole that sits on a base.

Both the Scarecrow 180™ and Scarecrow 360™ has 3 built-in speakers, and by using variable volume and alternation between the speakers creates a natural perception of predator movement.



Scarecrow 180 Technical Information

System includes: Main unit, Power Supply (mains / battery), U clamp for pole mounting

Controls: Key pad control for Power on / off, volume up / down, light sensor, re-enforce and severe broadcasting, and distress call selection

Distress Calls: 10 standard calls: Herring Gull, Black Headed Gull, Starling, Rook, Crow, Pigeon, Jackdaw, Canada Goose 1 & 2, Birds of Prey (Call exchanges available)

Power Requirements: 12-15vdc, 100-250vac (12v 80Ah Leisure Battery), or solar power (Solar powering this requires the purchase of our Solar Option)

Dimensions: 340 x 220 x 250mm

Weight: 7 Kgs

Mounting Bracket: 50mm U Clamp for mounting on scaffold pole, or units can be wall mounted

IP Rating: IP55

Audio Output Power: 25 watts

Effective Operating Distance: The Scarecrow 180™ can cover up to 20,000sq metres (dependent on wind direction and ambient conditions). When adding the Scarecrow 360™ “slave” unit, this increases to up to 40,000 sq. metres.

Warranty: Standard 12 month return to base warranty


Technical Information for Scarecrow 360 is available upon request


“After experiencing bird related delays we sought the advice of a consultant ornithologist, having reviewed the options that were available to us we decided to approach Scarecrow Bio-Acoutsic Systems Ltd and seek their advice on what system would best fit our needs. Following a short exchange of site information we placed an order for a bespoke system that was tailored to our needs, the systems arrived shortly after our order and has been in place ever since. The aftersales service has been excellent and I’m pleased to say we made it through this year’s nesting season without any issues.”
‘The University of Edinburgh – Estates Department’


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