The importance of pest control in and around airports

Every airport in the UK and beyond will have their own specific pest control strategy, and it will undoubtedly be one that has to fit in with the very unique demands of a busy facility that, in most cases, plays host to thousands and thousands of passengers every day. If you think the pest control […]

How to avoid issues with birds and al fresco dining

There are times in the summer when nothing quite matches an outside meal enjoyed with friends or family, especially when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. In recent years, however, we seem to have become increasingly aware of problems caused by birds in a number of retail settings. Restaurants that offer external […]

The science behind bird dispersal equipment

There are a number of important variables involved when employing bird dispersal equipment in and around airports. They can include the species of bird involved, the size of the facility, the behaviour of the local wildlife, the availability of a food source and the number of flights that are handled on a daily basis. After […]

Keeping birds and wind turbines apart can be complex

As a general rule, it’s not easy to trust the statistics about birds and wind turbines. Various websites will tell you that hundreds of thousands of birds are killed each year by turbines, while other sites will say that hardly any are. Until we see reliable data from an independent source, it’s perhaps best to […]

Plane on Runway

Keeping airports safe for every user

If you were to Google the words ‘increase safety awareness in airports’, you will be met with a list of web pages offering advice and opinions on security issues, as well as safety advice for travellers. For those who work in the industry, there’s more to safety than this, of course. If you happen to […]

Oil Platform

Don’t let birds become a nuisance on offshore platforms

Oil and gas platforms are a particularly tempting location for sea birds, as they provide opportunities to rest and sometimes, if left unchecked, to roost as well. The relative lack of disturbance from predators is a major draw, as is the often plentiful supply of food options both on the platforms and in the sea.   […]

Keeping birds at bay on oil and gas platforms

The occasional bird visiting an offshore oil or gas platform may seem like a relatively minor issue for those who work there, but this is far from the truth in most instances. Inevitably, one bird will lead to several more in a short space of time, and before too long managers and employees are facing […]


Using bird deterrents safely and effectively

There are many ways to get a bird to move away from a specific location, but of course not all of them would be suitable for locations such as airports, farms, oil platforms, retail parks or marinas. Single birds can usually be encouraged to move with a single clap of the hands, but when you […]

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick – a historic, and hugely important, airport

Most of us, whether we’re occasional travellers or frequent flyers, tend to take airports for granted these days. They are often seen as something of an unwanted necessity, and for the vast majority of passengers it’s a case of trying to spend as little time as possible within the airport environment. Behind all the queues […]

The benefits of B.I.R.D Tab refresher training are all too apparent

New products, new processes and new systems are an integral aspect of working in almost any sector of industry these days.  In civil aviation it’s no different. Here at Scarecrow, we manufacture and supply a popular range of bird strike prevention equipment to airports all over the world.  We fully understand that operators and end […]