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The benefits of B.I.R.D Tab refresher training are all too apparent

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New products, new processes and new systems are an integral aspect of working in almost any sector of industry these days.  In civil aviation it’s no different. Here at Scarecrow, we manufacture and supply a popular range of bird strike prevention equipment to airports all over the world.  We fully understand that operators and end users need to be given sufficient training in order to harness its full capability range. 

We believe training should be a personal experience.  Simply showing an operator how a particular product works then walking away isn’t what we consider a training programme to be.  One of our most popular products, the Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab is a highly effective bird dispersal tool.  It’s one that can have a major influence on keeping runways and the surrounding areas safe, but it’s far more than that. And that’s why we provide refresher training courses for airside staff members. 

The Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab is also capable of logging vital movement data, analysing developments and reporting information over months and years. Given its impressive performance levels, it’s vital for operators to understand just how valuable it can be in preventing future bird strikes occurring in the long-term as well as disrupting dangerous movements in the short term. Therefore, it’s essential to underline the benefits of refresher training at a later date. 

The feedback we’ve received from customers is that they’re surprised by the capabilities of our products.  This new understanding generally takes hold after refresher training sessions with Scarecrow. It’s similar to someone buying a brand new iPhone and finding out how to make a phone call but not learning how to use the internet, write text messages, shop for groceries, take photos or access social media.  

Gaining vital information has never been easier 

With the B.I.R.D. Tab, understanding how to use it for collecting, analysing and reporting data is vital for establishing future strategies in the battle to make airports safer. One of the many excellent reasons to use this product in greater depth is that every single airport has its own unique wildlife issues to deal with.  The B.I.R.D. Tab can recognise specific patterns that are also unique, and filters can eliminate information that isn’t particularly relevant. 

We can provide support and training for new users and then we can invite existing users to refresher training courses at Gatwick Airport, at a convenient date and over a time period that suits them. This then enables users to get more out of their products, and to access crucial data that will prove to be invaluable in the coming years. Designing and implementing strategies is therefore far simpler than in the past. So far, Scarecrow has arranged and conducted well over 50 training sessions, and we’re looking to do more very soon. 

From time to time, we are asked what it takes to get the best from the refresher training.  We have found the most important and most beneficial advice is to think in advance about what you, as an end user, really want from the system. We can then tailor our responses accordingly. All that’s then left for you to do is make the most of the information you have and the powerful processes that our products are able to provide.  

Bird control products are more interactive and more user-friendly than ever before, so call our team today to find out more about our appliances and our training.