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Gatwick hustles and bustles even on Christmas Day

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In most places in the UK, life slows down in late December before coming to a complete stop on the 25th. The vast majority of shops, banks, sporting venues, local amenities, offices and the like tend to close on Christmas Eve and remain that way for a few days. That’s how it is in Britain, and generally that’s how it’s always been.  

At Gatwick Airport, however, everything is busy, bustling and bursting with activity. Flights are running pretty much as on any other day, and there’s a noticeable degree of excitement in the air, as thousands of people say farewell to the festivities and hello to the holiday instead. For the intrepid men and women who work tirelessly to cater to the needs of their passengers, Christmas Day is a normal working day, just with more tinsel, more turkey and more tasteless sweaters. 

For everyone involved, it can almost feel as though they are working in a bubble. All the usual services are provided, from on-site parking, plane refueling and bird dispersal to air traffic control, onboard catering and perimeter security, but away from Gatwick – even just a mile or two away – much of the UK is at a standstill. One of the more common disappointments for incoming passengers is when they are told that no trains are available to take them into London. Buses (somewhat slow) and taxis (somewhat expensive) are on hand, but the trains don’t generally begin again until the 27th. The second disappointment is when they realise that the airport is more than 25 miles away from the centre of the capital. 

Most of the time, however, such news isn’t enough to dampen the festive feelings. We in the UK tend to see Gatwick as the starting point for a holiday abroad, but for those coming the other way it’s the gateway to an exhilarating break in one of the most historic cities on the planet. That buzz we all feel when we’re on our way to Venice is mirrored by those coming to Victoria. And here at Scarecrow, we’re always so proud to be playing our part in keeping everyone safe. To find out more about our services, it’s so easy to make contact with the team.

Happy Christmas from us all!