Indonesian Delegation visit Scarecrow in UK

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Following the purchase of Scarecrow’s vehicle mounted BIRD Tab system for use at Supadio/Potianak International Airport, a delegation made up of senior representatives from PT Angkasa Pura II and also the regulatory body of the Ministry of Transport, DGCA, visited Scarecrow in the UK.

Apart from meeting staff at the Scarecrow HQ, and observing the company’s system build facilities, the delegation also undertook some Wildlife Management System Training. The final element of the visit was to go airside, out on Wildlife Patrol, with the Wildlife Operation team in London, Luton Airport, to see just how and what the team at Luton do on a daily basis to continue to improve their bird strike risk.

The various photos above show the delegates at Scarecrow HQ, in training, reviewing how Luton use their data collection, and lastly out in the field with the Wildlife Patrollers.

The above photo shows, reading left to right:

Mr Mohammad Nugraha – PIC IBS

Mr Cece Tarya Hasan – Head of Airport Equipment and Certification, Directorate of Air Transportation, Ministry of Transportation.

Mr Andy Felanie – RFF Operation senior Officer – PT Angkasa Pura 2.

Mr Peter Gibbs – Operations Duty Manager, London Luton Airport

Mr Putra Pariadi – VP of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, PT Angkasa Pura 2.

Mrs Desinta Andriani – Airport Inspector, Directorate of Air Transportation, Ministry of Transportation.

Mr Darmadi Suryaatmaja – SMS & OHS Analysis Senior Officer, PT Angkasa Pura 2.

Mr Mohran Hakim – PIC IBS